Offering High Speed Wireless Internet to residential
and business customers in Parker, Wise, Denton
and Tarrant Counties in Texas

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Wireless High Speed Internet service is available in Wise, Tarrant, Parker and Denton County.


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Wireless Internet Residential Services and Rates




Installation Options


Free with a signed 2-Year Term Agreement


$100 with a signed 1-Year Term Agreement


$200 with no term commitment


Additional Options


Static IP Address

$11.00 / month
Wireless Router/Networking $  4.95 / month

Service includes:

  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • Five email accounts
  • Ten Meg of web space
  • Free email virus and spam filtering service

 View the OneSource Residential Wireless Internet Service Agreement by clicking here.


Rates are subject to change and exclude applicable taxes and fees.


Uninterrupted use of these services is not guaranteed.


Prior to Internet installation computer is required to have a Network Interface Card (NIC) installed. Customer will be charged a $35 fee if an additional installation visit is required.  For optimum performance, the following minimum configuration is recommended for your computer: Windows XP/Mac-OS 10.3 or later version, Processor running at 2 Ghz or faster with 1 Gb of RAM and 500 Mb of available disk space.

Internet speeds are not guaranteed and actual Internet downstream and upstream speeds will vary.  Internet speed can be affected by the configuration of your computer (CPU speed, RAM, etc.), line condition, Internet/network congestion, customer network configuration (wiring, use of routers or other equipment, etc.) and the speed of Web site servers you access